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Performance Marketing

Advertising for Online Games

WiSiMi is a full-service-network for browser-, mobile- and online game marketing. We offer Merchants / Advertisers the technology and a vast array on Cross-Media adspaces (web, social and mobile) for rising the awareness level of their online games and to acquire new gamers via CPA/ CPO campaigns.

Performance Marketing

Usage rate of your website

WiSiMi offers you as Publisher / Website operator a variety of thrilling browser-, mobile and online game campaigns.

Monetarise your advertising spaces (App, Website, Newsletter or Software) through their application and rise your earning opportunities.

Advertising Technology

Control on the highest level

By using the powerful WiSiMi Advertising Technology, you get the best out of your campaigns: Maximisation of the Publisher's yields by minimisation of the Merchant's costs.

Naturally, with the most advanced Evaluation Systems & Statistics on the market, you will experience control on the highest level.

We love Online Games and 28.8 Mio user also

Did you know that the user rates of Online-, Browser- or App-Games have risen continuously in the last years? From 2016 to 2017 by as much as 12%! More and more gamers go online in search of new gaming experiences in a form of fast and convenient App-Games or long-term Browser-Games. This is where WiSiMi comes into play. Our network with more than 123 different campaigns, over 350 Publishers and over 2,9 Mio PI (vg. 4. Quartal 2017) acts as interface between website operator / Publisher and advertiser / Merchant. WiSiMi combines what belongs together: Games and gamers. For your sales, growing awareness or branding.

Zum Warframe [DE] Browsergames Partnerprogramm
Warframe [DE...
1,40 EUR / Lead
Zum Aion [PL] Clientgames Partnerprogramm
Aion [PL]
0,35 EUR / Lead
Zum Nosgoth [FR SOI] Clientgames Partnerprogramm
Nosgoth [FR ...
1,30 EUR / Lead
Zum Star Conflict [DACH] Browsergames Partnerprogramm
Star Conflic...
0,50 EUR / Lead
Zum Forge Of Empires [DE] Browsergames Partnerprogramm
Forge Of Emp...
1,90 EUR / Lead
Zum Z-Hunter.de - das Zombie-Browsergame [DACH] Browsergames Partnerprogramm
Z-Hunter.de ...
1,20 EUR / Lead
Zum World of Warships [DE/AT/CH] Clientgames Partnerprogramm
World of War...
3,50 EUR / Lead
Zum Neverwinter [DACH] Clientgames Partnerprogramm
Neverwinter ...
1,70 EUR / Lead
Zum Tera [DE] Browsergames Partnerprogramm
Tera [DE]
1,60 EUR / Lead
Zum World of Warships [ES] Clientgames Partnerprogramm
World of War...
0,90 EUR / Lead
Zum Divine Storm [DACH/FR] Clientgames Partnerprogramm
Divine Storm...
0,70 EUR / Lead
Zum Lineage2 [DACH] Clientgames Partnerprogramm
Lineage2 [DA...
2,40 EUR / Lead
Monetarise your advertising platform and maximise your earnings with attractive Affiliate-campaigns. WiSiMi offers you a variety of games.
Market your online games and increase your awareness level as well as online earnings. With our partners, you can reach the right gamers all over Europe.
Reduce costs and increase your Return on Investment for your customers. The WiSiMi Advertising Technology helps you by precisely controlling your campaign.


simple integration

With WiSiMi Advertising Technology, we have created a simple and effective possibility for Publisher / Merchants, to use our network-API. No matter if integration of tracking codes, distribution of campaigns on your ad spaces or the request for campaign specific information and statistics. One system - usable in minutes.

Real-time reporting

All data, for instance campaign distribution, CPA / CPO tracking, ad statistics, etc. are collected in real-time and presented in a clear report.

You can recall this data immediately, process, analyse and, if needed, adjust your Marketing Strategy.

Interfaces & Tools

With our interfaces we ensure a direct external access to campaigns, advertising materials and statistics, so that data can be processed directly in your own system. With tools like the Import & Export via CSV / JSON / XML, campaigns and advertising material finder, fallback-solutions or Adserver/ advertising material rotation, we faciliate your work.

Marketing for games

Success starts with awareness

Online-, Browser- or App-Games are part of the modern Gaming industry. But what if no one can see your Games? We help you by making your Game more famous.
+9% growth in second half year of 2017
approx. 800 Mio turnover in digital Games
270 Mio only for digital additional content
150% growth of digital additional content
16 Mio Online-Browsergame user

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Turnover for your website

Leads, Sales and more

No other branch grows as fast as the Online and Mobile Games branch currently. With the WiSiMi campaigns, we use your ad spaces to capacity and monetarise them.
Over 50 campaigns permanently online
New games start on the market almost daily
Ø 3,50 Euro per mediated gamer
Ø 9,48 Euro are invested per new gamer
Variety of integration- & advertising possibilities

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Popular and new Online Games + strong campaigns

Over 123
Over 350
Over 2,9 Mio
PI in quarter